Putting Kids First, Always!

 Hug from my son

Thank you Ward C voters for selecting me to serve as your public school trustee for the next three years.

This site is in the midst of a transition but I plan to offer new content after the new school board is inaugurated in November.

Map of Ward C

Ward C communities include:

Britannia-Youngstown, Canora, Crestwood, Dovercourt, Glenora, Glenwood, Grovenor, High Park, Inglewood, Jasper Park, Laurier, Lewis Estates, Mayfield, McQueen, Meadowlark, North Glenora, Parkview, Prince Charles, Sherbrooke, Sherwood, West Jasper Place, West Meadowlark, Westmount, Westview Village, Winterburn and Woodcroft.